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The Gratitude Blockage



     For the past few weeks I have been on an emotional adventure! So, of course, as it is my style to do, I journaled my feelings and now have examined my findings.
     First of all I have to identify a detail or two…. from March 2013 to July of 2014 I was under the influence of hormone replacement therapy. While this might work out great for some people, I have come to the conclusion that it is not for me. You see,  I was having testosterone implanted into my body and that was in turn morphing me into an emotionless creature… somewhat like a man. (No offense to the men in the world) I also began to grow a beard, minor detail.  Also during this time I went through the hardest blow I’ve encountered yet. My daughter moved in with her dad for 4 months and 3 weeks, oh and 2 days. Yes I was counting! And while I am compiling details let me just say that this ‘over 40’ thing is confusing to one’s soul. On one hand it is great to feel grown up,  you know..I feel established,  like a real women.  On the other hand,  I feel like a busted can of biscuits. Someone has let the air out of my can.. The ingredients of what was once my body has lost all shape. I am soggy physically and emotionally…I need to be put in the oven to be cooked, refined, reformed but I don’t like the heat!
     I am naturally a NF or Meloncholy, if you will. I am an emotional creature, I feel things!  That is my nature.  How could it not dawn on me that I wasn’t feeling much of anything? I suppose I was happier not feeling as deep as usual. Was I turning into a man? It’s a grand possibility. 
     While I was waiting for something to happen with this medical endeavor I forgot to look for the good. Oh,  I could see the good in what was evident. While I was waiting for something big I missed a lot of small, great things. Those little things in life are the details. A Christmas tree is just a tree without the details. Don’t miss it.  If we are only grateful for the ah ha moments…. our gratitude will be blocked.
     By my calculations most of the hormones were out of my body about 3 weeks ago. That is precisely when I noticed this emotional side of me that I am no longer familiar with. I have decided that I like her. I am grateful for the way God made me! (Psalm139) I am grateful to have feelings,  to love deeply and to have an intense, overwhelming emotional response to my ‘tribe’. To my friends, family and ministry partners~ I feel deeply connected again.  I am grateful for those connections!  Honesty,  I am even grateful for the disconnects,  I’ll call them lessons.
      Thank you friends and family who love me in spite of me. Thank you for sticking it out! Thank you for finding beauty in my heap of ashes. I love you.  I mean that with every fiber of my being. I love you!  Deep!
     I bless you my precious savoir for saving me, for refining me, for loving me and seeing no fault in me. I am grateful. My gratitude is no longer blocked.

Until I Get it Right


imageKeep pushing until you break through:
Some times we don’t Know what to do or how to do it. We only know after a while that we were doing it wrong. Do we quit or do it a new way? Is it the right way? Who knows? It may be completely wrong or maybe it’s right for now. There is no way to know.we are left to trust the one who does know. Jesus.

I was left thinking that He left me. I felt alone. Really alone, no friends, no family, nowhere to go when you want to run away on a Monday night. I know he is their because I know that I know that he never leaves me but he was silent.

So then how did I know to let her go back. I made a plan. When I would enroll her, getting her school clothes, sending her off and waiting for her to come home..was that all my genius mind?? No it was the Holy Spirit directing me..but my mind was still in an ugly defeated place,,I’m going to send her walking.I’m not going up to the school…..blablabla.. What kind of love does that show? When did I stop being a fighter? That’s what I do. I fight! I will always fight for her because I love her with everything that I am.

I’m going to do what I am called to do and I’m going to make sure she feels my love. Mothers know what to do, its natural. We love, we carpool, we clean,cook….it’s natural.

Occasionally I do it wrong. But I will keep doing it! Hopefully right:)