Am I A Lover

BAD9B7F2-B318-41E4-8A58-874092C75D31I’m not sure that I treat the great command like it’s the greatest commandment. I have the conviction that if love isn’t easy, I don’t give it. Often, I only offer our love when it doesn’t require much effort.

Where do you stand in this?

We love our families, our hobbies, and we love donuts. We love the things that are easy, but this world needs people who love in face of disagreement, rejection, and even hatred.

I wonder what would happen if I had an out of control type of love…one without conditions, fears, barriers, qualifiers, or protectors. What if I loved when it wasn’t easy or convenient? What if I loved God and others recklessly?

We’ve all had moments where we could have extended and given our love away, but instead we chose to do nothing. Doing nothing is not a good representation of the gospel. It’s sort of like boiling our faith down to reducing sin. We can easily think that not doing certain things make us good and holy…but it’s the opposite! It’s doing something that makes us faithful followers of Jesus.

What can I do today?

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