Think About It


So today I’m thinking about what I think about. Are the 100million  thoughts that cross my mind really what  I’m thinking about or just  passing thoughts?

If you think a thought more than once are you worried about it or are you just thinking about it? What is the difference between thinking about something and worrying about something?

If God knows my every thought ( and He does) does He consider my thoughts to be prayers?  Do my prayers have to be verbalized? Does a prayer have to formal?  Does it qualify to speak out in the heart of the moment?

Why is it that I can’t wish someone to think like I think? Why do some people not think at all?  (Or so it seems) Should common sense be considered a superpower this day in time? Are people really as thoughtless and selfish as they seem?

If you stand falsely accused should you address the problem of being accused or just let your accuser gracefully bow out? Is it wrong to hold accusers accountable for their constant criticism?

These are the thoughts that I think. I think that they deserve thought. But what is the stopping point? How do you stop?  I’ll address these thoughts in the coming days.  Stay tuned.

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