Time Waits For No One

Within 36 hours period I experienceed more emotions than should be expected from one person in such a small amount of time.

  After Sunday service at church I  boarded my jet…… Oh I mean my car….I needed to get to Arlington quick. I thought maybe if i arrived early to help set up my god daughter’s baby shower it would somehow make up for the sting of me leaving early. While I planned to stay the entire afternoon, that plan was diverted by a death in my family. I needed to pick family up in Weatherford and get to Odessa by morning.

The anticipation of a new baby coming into the world is overwhelming in itself. This child will be born from a young lady who I watched be born. Her mother and father named me her god-mother. It seems impossible that she will be a mommy in a few short weeks.

I am thankful beyond measure for friendships that stand the test of time.  Over two decades and going strong until the “c” word threatens the atmosphere.  How much time we truly have left we don’t know. We refuse to let that impending death steal the time we have left. I will be there to bury my friend,  my best friends mother, and undoubtedly she will be with me when I bury mine.

Funerals are overwhelming. A lady dies at 91 and we were still not ready for her death.  I see Oaks fall apart in pain. The sting of death is no respecter  of persons. Sorrow lies in waiting. No one can avoid it forever.

I enjoyed laughter with my family. Dinners, guitars, laughing out loud. That is what family’s about. There is an absolute bond that family shares. I was overwhelmed by sadness at the realization that I would always leave my daddy there. Odessa is his home…7 hours from mine.  Time does not stand still my friends,  no time like the wind goes where it will.

Time got us home to Dallas safely but shaken none the less.  My heart overflows with emotion but still i am greatful this beautiful mess.

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