My Beloved


I was on vacation with the the family; but not my family… or should I say no one that I knew for sure. This was a  beautiful place but nothing that I can remember to tell about. The people and the place were full of intrigue and mystery but familiar none the less and very far away. Yes,  we were very far away.

I seem to be at a wedding maybe on a cruise ship. The wedding was informal but very sweet.  The preacher seemed to be the father of the bride. After he got through the wedding vows he handed me a note and then went away to pray.

The note I do not remember; but it melted my heart.  Soon after I read the note a a man put a huge diamond on my finger. I had not been courted by this man in normal fashion but I loved him with my whole heart.

The father or the preacher if you will, was singing his prayers loudly and we all begin to worship with him. The one who I was now betrothed  to  felt so loved by me and I by him.  This kind of love could only happen in the spirit realm.

I could hear tongues wagging.. They were making comments about my betrothel. Of course I am happily married to Randy Strait. . They spoke of how this would hurt Randy.. But, in my heart I knew it wouldn’t.. and then I woke.

I believe this man who I was newly betrothed to  was Jesus..I never saw His face but I  knew Him and I loved Him over everything. He is my beloved and I am His. (SOS)

I also woke up with this scripture on my heart; remember that in the last time there will be scoffers among you whos purpose is to satisfy their ungodly desires.  They are the ones who are creating divisions among you.  they do not have God’s Spirit in them.  Jude 17 -19

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