Daily Devotional

September 25, 2014 Desire and seek after the Caleb anointing and your heritage will be insured, protected and handed down through generations. Caleb stood out from all the others of his day. He had a different attitude. Loyalty in all situations is one of the greatest qualities observed in Caleb. He believed the Lord and waited many years for his inheritance through Joshua. Finally at age 85, he asked Joshua to give what was promi
sed. Caleb’s greatest desire was given him, the land of Judah, just west of Jerusalem. Desire and seek the Caleb anointing. Enjoy it and pass it on to the generations that follow after you.


Numbers 14:24 (NLT) “But my servant Caleb has a different attitude than the others have. He has remained loyal to me, so I will bring him into the land he explored. His descendants will possess their full share of that land.” Ras Robinson 


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