What exactly are the blahs? This headache of the soul cannot truly be defined as “depression” because you are still able to function if you have been targeted by the blahs. You are still choosing, however lethargically, to place one foot in front of the other. You are still able to interact with people, although your answers are not quite as scintillating or vibrant. You have not retreated into a cave yet although languishing underneath an afghan, a long nap and complete quiet sure are tempting. Every day. All day.

You are able to get up every morning, although you only function at half of your potential. You are not depressed, but neither are you joyful or excited about anything at all. Day after day come and go in a vacuum of gray nothingness. You smile now and then but it never goes all the way to your heart. Your get up and go … got up and went. Somewhere. You are just not sure where it got up and went to!

This is your daily game plan and guaranteed life strategy to beat the blahs. Every day that has been generously given to you by the Lord is a new opportunity to manage your day with praise. God gave you this day and designed it especially with you in His mind. He has a plan for you every single day of your life that always includes a liberal dose of praise. If you want the assurance that you are participating in God’s will for your life on a daily basis, it is vital that you start your day with praise, that you fill it with worship and that you end it with thanksgiving. From the first moment of consciousness to your last waking thought at night, make it a choice of your will to only magnify the Lord and never question Him. We are not a people who blame the Lord, we are a people who bless the Lord!

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