The River

He took me to the river,
it was a sight to behold.
How I came to this place
is a mystery to my soul.

Beautiful trees;
every tree I had never seen.
Their size,  their shape,  their color
Still a mystery to me.

Flowers and plants, 
beautiful,  big and small.
Intense color,  vivid,  brilliant
I felt the need to be amongst them all.

And the river.
I heard it before I saw it.
The sound of a mighty gushing wind.
I could here it calling me, here is where it begins.

I  stopped  in my tracks. 
How can I take this all in?
In awe or was it bewilderment?
I do not know, my friend.

Breathtaking,  stunning, Beautiful,
My eyes could barely glimpse.
Everthing I’ve ever known came together here.
This is my beginning and my end.

Blue, lucid,  so very clear.
Water crashed upon the  rocks
Flowing hard and powerful
Going somewhere, But where? It never stops

I felt  somehow weightless,
Being carried by the wind.
Wet by the spray of the water,
Still warm by the Son.

There He stood
Gazing with intent.
He said to me “come child”
Away with Him I went.

We walked upon the water.
My safe place, my Friend.
My love,  my every emotion,
Was safe here with Him.

He allured me with His loving kindness.
He captivated me with dance.
We waltzed and laughed for hours,
Over the hills, upon the mountain we went.

He baptized me in that river.
I am forever clean from sin.
He loves me, He cherishes me.
He made me clean for Him.

He loves to run and frolic with me.
He told me so Himself.
He is with me every moment.
He is my need and my wealth.

I am free to visit the river.
That is where He lives.
He is the river of life.
It’s water He freely gives.

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