The Friends We Keep


My heart is sweetly broken.  From this women I learned about unconditional love, about serving,  about helping others, and about courage. She is a beautiful reflection of love… She is my friend.

We have been through a lot together. For 23 years we have done life.  Work,  fun,  family,  marriages, divorces, sickness, births and now death. And we wait.

Last evening my phone rang. I picked it up and answered with excitement! The caller ID said Marilyn,  it was my friend whom I love!
With joy in my voice I said “hey what’s going on”? And she responded “I’m dying.” I quickly brushed it off… we’re all dying right? Really what’s going on? To this she responded “Hope, I have cancer in both lungs. I’m going to see Jesus and I am not afraid. As my heart began to break I struggled to catch my breath. She responded “hello are you there? ”
We continue to talk for a moment and her positive attitude begin to show me true attributes of Jesus. Marilyn is love.. love without fear or anger.

Though my heart is breaking as we wait, I would not trade one moment of our friendship. You are truly beautiful to me. Never judging,  always loving,  Yes,  you are quite beautiful to me,  a Rose in a field full of daisies. I will carry you in my heart forever.

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