I remember a time when I was a young adult when my parents had gone to Colorado.  My mother had came back with a little figurine. It was called a Kokopelli. I thought Kokopelli was the cutest little thing.  I then began to put Kokopelli in my home as it was decorated in southwest as well.

I recall in my first home having lots of Southwest decorations.  I had the Suns,  wolves, cactuses… you name it I had it but Kokopelli remained my favorite.  He was a stick figure with a mohawk playing a flute.. he just seemed to be the epitome of joy and fun. Eventually on a night out with a girlfriend of mine I even had a Kokopelli tattooed on my ankle.

It didn’t take long before one of my clients,  you know a ‘concerned Christian’ made a comment about Kokopelli to me and told me that Kokopelli in fact was an ancient infertility god and that I should not worship him. I must tell you that I was stunned.  It had never crossed my mind to worship Kokopelli nor did I care that he was a fertility god because I did not put my trust in him.

Kokopelli was as much a part of my home as a lamp..not worship object. Funny thing about the story is that in the next couple years I would find out that I was unable to have children. I’m glad that I did not put my faith in the power of the little Indian fertility god spread around my house or I would have been sorely disappointed.

My love for Southwest art has aso landed a few dream catchers in my home. I do not believe that the dream catcher has any more power than what my mind will give it.  The only thing that has power to change a life or change your mind or change your circumstance is the Power of God.

These amongst other objects of our affection are distinctly planted in our Western civilization. They are as much a part of my life as Santa Clause, the Easter bunny and even the tooth fairy. I believe that I can speak for most Americans that we do not check the history behind these traditions. We enjoy them as families that come together in love and unity to be together over a meal and over a little bit of tradition.

Living in America, we are in the melting pot.  Most times we lose our traditions from our heritage in exchange for the American Way.

I am a Christian! I’ve been set free by the power of the living God through His Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit at age of 28. I love Santa Clause!  I love hiding Easter eggs! I love watching joy on children’s faces! I realize that by the time most children come to the age of accountability they usually are a the point of figuring out that some of these fairytales if not all are fake. 

I grew up loving these holidays and not understanding the meaning behind it or the true reason for it.  I was not scarred as an adult I can assure you. What has scarred me far worse, Christian people cramming their beliefs and doctrines down people’s throats.  If people in fact include Santa Claus in their Christmas celebration or include the Easter bunny or pagan Easter eggs in there Sunday afternoon get together with their families…They are doing it wrong. Well, I guess I did it wrong with my daughter because I thoroughly enjoyed every Santa Clause and every Easter was my delight!

I believe that if we would instead be the Christian people that God created us to be we would love everyone enough not to throw our family traditions under the bus. Or… just a thought..We could add to the  traditions by telling the story either the birth of Jesus Christ or his death burial and resurrection. Who knows we may have the awesome opportunity to lead someone to Christ. Or remind someone that is already assured of their salvation just how much Jesus loves them! I was able to do that yesterday!

In closing I would like to say back in the day that the concerned Christian explained to me what Kokopelli was  I wanted no part of her religion especially if it gave you the freedom to judge. I don’t believe anyone, religious or not, likes to be judged.  We must be careful as Christian people not to judge other people.  Sometimes we don’t think we’re judging but in fact it’s the other person’s perception that names your behavior and gives them an opinion about the god you serve. 

I understand more everyday why Gandhi said

“I like your Christ I do not like your Christians your Christians are so unlike your Christ.”

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