Daily Prompt: Key Takeaway

The one piece of advice that I would give new bloggers is to write from your heart. What is it that keeps you awake at night? What is it that makes your heart sing? What makes you furious? Share the things that make you LOL..we readers need want to know!

The one question I would like to ask you other bloggers is this: why do you write?



    • I write for many reasons as well. I have kept a journal for many years. The journals are full of brainstorms and incompleteness. So many thoughts that I wanted to remember but can’t make sense of now. So I am trying to blog so that it does make sense and besides being a memory, I hope that it helps or encourages someone.

  1. I write to discover how I feel about things; to work through life’s conundrums; to share family stories; to help make the world a more beautiful place. I also write weekly with Vermont’s incarcerated women. May I invite you to visit writinginsidevt.com? Please then tell me more about your own ‘mission to the incarcerated.’

    • Hello Sarah! Blessings be to you. Yes of course I will take a look at the web site. I live in Texas. That being said, I am a volunteer chaplains assistant to the precious ladies at TDCJ. I am the volunteer coordinator for CROSS PRISON MINISTRIES out of Gatesville TX. My jobs include leading worship, leading services, prayer ministry, teaching discipleship courses, assisting in anything that needs to be done. Tell me more about you.

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