The Social Media Train Wreck

It’s like a train wreck! You can’t look away. It is a trigger for irritation and even still we are ‘rubber neckers’ in the social media frenzy.
Facebook has replaced phone calls, letters, adult conversations, baby books, journals, and sometimes human decentsy.

Facebook has become a boxing ring for passive aggressive behavior. People say things, debate things, and give opinion’s on things via Facebook that they would never say to your face. Hitting the ‘send button’ without a thought.

Facebook is not your personal journal, your venting field, your food diary, or your replacement for your high school debate team.

Was it meant to be this way? I have been offended so many times in the last two weeks I wonder why I continue to enter the war zone. This is my reasoning. I have over 500 friends and family on Facebook. Without Facebook I would have very little contact with most. I have these ‘friends’ because I care about them. I hope to encourage them and cheer them on!

I am thankful for the ‘delete’ button as well as the ‘hide’ button.
‘never ruin and apology with an excuse.’

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