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Daily Prompt: Morphing
Language evolves. The meaning of a word can shift over time as we use it differently — think of “cool,” “heavy,” or even “literally.”

Today, give a word an evolutionary push: give a common word a new meaning, explain it to us, and use it in the title of your post.

How in the world has:
Sup, with ahead nod, replaced whats up which in turn replaced hello many moons ago? I don’t usually hear this term ‘sup’ from adults. Just wait a few more years and hello will have been officially replaced.

Without going on a rant..let me say, I do not appreciate the morphing of the words via the younger generation. Something about the general lack of respect troubles my soul. Has the 20 something generation and younger became so lazy that the can’t finish pronouncing their syllables?

I believe that respect has been replaced with passiveness. We don’t like things but we must be politically correct. We want to let everyone experience their own self expression..

If we don’t teach the younger generation to respect other people, especially their elders, we can’t expect them to MORPH into respective adults. I see the word children morphing into heathen..not good.

People say the world is going to Hell in a hand basket. I say…we are letting it..




When I gaze out of my window I see the forest. I see the big picture. If for some reason I do not, I try to re-focus. Life is full of trees. While the tree may be beautiful it is often distracting. Focusing on the tree will often block our view, causing us not to see the beauty around it. Beauty is as much in the details as in the tree.

11 Random Facts About Me


1. I do not enjoy crowds
2. I love the (not a color) black
3. Favorite band ever..the Black Crows
4. I adopted my child
5. I hate ugly feet
6. I don’t look at people’s hair when I am not at work
7. I raise the beef that I eat
8. I am obsessed with sweet tea
9. My husband is 18 years my elder
10.I love to sing
11.I recently discovered a love for painting with acrylics

Daily Prompt: Key Takeaway


The one piece of advice that I would give new bloggers is to write from your heart. What is it that keeps you awake at night? What is it that makes your heart sing? What makes you furious? Share the things that make you LOL..we readers need want to know!

The one question I would like to ask you other bloggers is this: why do you write?

Evasive Action: The Most Significant Secret


This journey that I’m on never ends. I get through one situation and find peace and healing only to enter into a new journey at the next turn. That doesn’t sound too bad except that I wasn’t looking for a ‘me’ journey.I am shocked to have to surrender this secret..I have kept it buried for so very long.

I spent the best part of 2012 mad at my circumstance and lumping coals on the heads of the people who caused it. We are all glad I’m not God. I woke up one day in January and took a good long look (2 days) at me and realized that I had became exactly what I dislike, toxic, I decided that I would take my own advice, figure out what is wrong and change it!

Days turn into months, working this out and then that…on April 22, 2013 I ended up at a ladies luncheon. I was feeling some pretty thick déjà vu. I walked in the door, very apprehensive, and was immediately greeted by a voice from my past, and then another one. At this point I am having a little trouble breathing because one of these ladies knows too much. But, I am comforted because the ONE who sent me is always with me.

Now, lets talk about the word intentional for a moment. This word ‘intentional’ pops into my head frequently. I chalk it up to something I need to work on. As I wander through this journey, I begin to realize this is not circumstance, all of these crazy circumstances are intentional. I know that I was lead to this meeting for a very ‘intentional’ reason.

I had no idea the reason was me! To my shock most of the women in this meeting were familiar with my secret because they too once guarded the same secret, or maybe they still do. The luncheon was not to recruit me to volunteer as I had imagined. The luncheon instead was intended to speak to women about a particular secret that many of us keep.

The persons who put this luncheon together remind me of a very special shepherd that I know. She seeks out those who are hurting and lost and gently brings them back home to the Loving Shepherd who cares to heal their hurts. Comparing myself to a lost sheep I didn’t even know that I was hurt or lost in this secret. But I am and today, May 6,2013, I started my healing journey.

Imagine my surprise when the Daily Prompt was EVASIVE ACTION: the most significant secret. I think that was intentional! I have held this secret for 25 years. I am ready to Surrender The Secret.

The Social Media Train Wreck


It’s like a train wreck! You can’t look away. It is a trigger for irritation and even still we are ‘rubber neckers’ in the social media frenzy.
Facebook has replaced phone calls, letters, adult conversations, baby books, journals, and sometimes human decentsy.

Facebook has become a boxing ring for passive aggressive behavior. People say things, debate things, and give opinion’s on things via Facebook that they would never say to your face. Hitting the ‘send button’ without a thought.

Facebook is not your personal journal, your venting field, your food diary, or your replacement for your high school debate team.

Was it meant to be this way? I have been offended so many times in the last two weeks I wonder why I continue to enter the war zone. This is my reasoning. I have over 500 friends and family on Facebook. Without Facebook I would have very little contact with most. I have these ‘friends’ because I care about them. I hope to encourage them and cheer them on!

I am thankful for the ‘delete’ button as well as the ‘hide’ button.
‘never ruin and apology with an excuse.’