Cows, Love and Good ol’ Boys


So today I was thinking about Jesus and how He makes all things new. Last Saturday we had a calf born here. New life is an amazing gift. One moment Pearl, our long horn heifer is pregnant and the next minute there lies a baby steamy and slick on the ground. Immediately my mind began to think of that calf as sweet and mine..My husband ~RJ was out of town with his BFF who gave us the long horn heifer in exchange for looking after his cattle when he obliged his love and moved to Colorado.

Now, if you don’t know for yourself the ins and outs of the cattle trade let me tell you it’s a constant trade. ~RJ took care of his friends cows because he loves him. His friend gave ~RJ the long horn, Pearl because he is a good ol boy. Pearl was pregnant then and gave birth last year to a calf that I lovingly named Gypsy. When we finally brought Pearl and Gypsy home to the Str8 ranch, wouldn’t you know, Gypsy jumped the fence..well in the cow business you don’t keep a jumper! So now we have traded Gypsy 1 for another heifer, Gypsy 2..I sure hated it because I liked Gypsy 1. She was my first heifer . But all is well that ends well.Gypsy 1 is gone and now we have Gypsy 2 who will make more babies. I will not let my mind think of them as pets. I have learned my lesson with Little Jim, Pearls latest calf. He is completely worthless to us to keep him as a pet but I love him and that’s that..

So the moral of this rambling is…you eat some, you breed some, and you trade some. BUT…the ones you really love… You keep and the ones you can’t keep because ‘this is a business’, you keep somewhere else. So, we have a few cows here and few cows there at the mercy of some good ol boys who love my husband very much.

Standing around listening to good ol boys talk, I remember still… God makes all things new. 2 Corinthians 5:17 Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new. The evidence is in the giving and the helping and at the end..a bear hug where one good ol boy says the the other, “I love you.”

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