Hope the Critical Christian

I am overwhelmed when I think about how much He loves me and He forgives me with such compassion. I am going to draw from His goodness overflowing and pardon those who offend me. I am going to offer compassion instead of criticism.

Instead of slinging stones at sally sinner for her flaws, I am going to pray for God to perfect her to His perfect will and not my own. Who knows what someone has been through. The way people behave is linked to so many things. We all have different personalities and temperaments. People have things they are dealing with and others are just hot heads and big mouths but Jesus loves them none the less.

So today I pray for a heart of joy and compassion. I think about Jesus on this day being criticized to the point of calling for his death. He still loved, even to His last breath, all those who were sinning against Him.

Create in me a clean heart o God!

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