Handling Snakes


So, today I’ve been thinking about handling Human snakes in a way that honors God. I know that forgiveness is not optional but I am thankful that playing with the snakes is not expected.

While it is easier by a mile to keep your safe distance from some snakes, it is not so easy when the serpent is your family, be it blood, married in, or even church family. If and when I am forced into the presence of snakes I will behave well. But, I am certainly thankful that I am not expected to be involved or victimized by them.

The difference between loving your “snakes” and allowing yourself to become the victim is Jesus. Only the love of Jesus living in us can cover the hurt that snake bites cause. That being said, Jesus loves us enough not to expect me to continue relationships with serpents.

When it comes to slithery people, I am more wary of smaller, less obvious serpents. They are the wolves dressed in sheeps clothing.
I pray for wisdom to discern between broken people who bite and people who are really vipers. Help me to know who to approach and who to avoid.

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