Air It Out?

So, today I’ve been thinking about areas where I need more liberty, and honesty. Avoiding confrontation often leads to passive aggressive behavior. Stuffing your feelings is really just a bandage. Given no air, wounds have no chance to heal. Eventually, when your brave enough to at least be honest with yourself, you realize that you have to deal with it in order to get past it; air it out, so that it can heal. It is the equivalent to deciding if you should just “air it out” or is this a big wound? Do we stitch it up. I for one am scared of stitches. The deadening shot is horrible. The shot represents the confrontation itself. But after the worst is over the healing can begin. Stitches represent the person who has offended you not living in reality and taking ownership of their part. This is when we must agree to disagree and move on. With our stitches firmly in tact, the wound will heal, it will just take some time. We are constantly reminded of forgiveness. It covers a multitude of sin.

1 Peter 4:8
Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers a multitude of sin.

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