Things That Make Me Say HMMMMM


What makes someone want to attack another person for their beliefs? What makes millions of people want to take a stand and eat at Chick Fil A on a given day but they let so many other things in their lives, schools, and church’s go without a word. They don’t want to get involved. People avoid conflict on things that they can control but things that really are out of their goodness were going to take a stand, let our voices be heard. Don’t get me wrong, I am personally glad that the one’s who stood up did…but folks, their are tons of other things that could use your voice. I am thinking its easy. It’s easy to get upset that our freedom of speech is under attack. But are you really fighting back? What kind of protest do you put up when prayer is taken out the schools, or when someone in your own church is wronged right under your nose or doing wrong, or what about when the school district or city is misusing funds? Why is their no stand up then? No outcry of support. Things that make me say hmmm.

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